I'm just passionate for forex

My name is Daniel I’m 30years old it was just Last year that I Engage myself in this industry though I was learning it without any passionate because I was having something I was pursuing but as from Last year November my passion for it increase so I have been searching all around to get more depth with the forex knowledge and I just came across babypips Name on one site I Said let me check on it to really see what is Up here so I’m here to learn and get a profitable strategy because I’m done with the basics

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Hello and welcome, be prepared, 95%+ of people fail to be profitable for four plus consecutive years or longer, if they survive that long at all.

Lots of different ways to trade, find what works for you.

US stats over the last 150 years state that 85% of ‘traders’ fail. Of the 15% profitable ones, IMO, only the top 5% are long term.

Just focus on continuing your education. IMO, a simple strategy that suits your lifestyle, then focus on the process and managing your emotional control - cool, calm and collected - is all you need.

Best of luck.