I'm looking for a reliable MT4 programmer

Hi, I have a simple trading strategy that I want coded into an MT4 EA. I’ve paid two programmers already, one never delivered and the other delivered an EA that failed on every level!

It’s for trading the US500.

Can any one help?

Do you have a well defined strategy?

Yes. Are you a programmer?

I have been known to write code, yes. I have been writing metatrader code for seventeen years, approximately.

I can try to find a good EA on US500 with an AI if you want. If its successful it is than already tested with Monte Carlo, other timeframes, etc.
Disadvantage: I cant use your strategy in mind. And you need patience. Good things takes time.

I’ve managed to find a programmer on fiverr and have had my strategy coded now. Thanks all

How do you feel about sharing a copy of that bot code?