I'm new here, hope to learn a lot with you guys

I used to trade stock but now i really want to take advantage of the Forex market, i have a lot of interest for things that are risky, i love to know that i can come over anything, any difficult or creazy it is.
I have the right mindset and the benefit of being a real hustler.
First Let’s learn guys and the rest will be as easy as drinking water.

Hi R.j.!
I’ve also dabbled in stocks but prefer forex trading. If you have the right mindset, you’ll probably make it really far. Good luck!

Well, I would put a dollar to a dime you’ll either go broke or become a millionaire, then go broke…

Forex trading properly is not a fast and furious path to profitability, but a slow and steady capital growth. Boring, but that’s reality.

Babypips is a great place for beginners to get forex knowledge. You can choose a good book like Currency Trading for Dummies for learning and when you think that you have gained enough knowledge, you can start demo trading. Practising on a demo account will help you understand where you actually stand in the market.