I'm new here, I'm believing in winning and nothing else

Hi everyone I’m karnale…I’m new here and I would like to know more about trading because I’m tired of everyday loosing money…I tried so many platforms but still work on losses…Im 29 years of age and I just desire to build a house for my kids and have a better life…but the losses to the trades have killed my spirit however I won’t give up until I get it right …Hoping I will recieve all the help and tools I need to make successful trades.

Thank you so much in advance


Great karnale, I won’t lie you have made the best decision of your life to join financial investment world remember the Physician Michael Burry who joined his ambitions of being in financial Markets and shorted mortgage bonds and profited more than $100 million ? He was a physician before being in financial markets and he never regretted pursing the journey. You too won’t regret!

As for tools that can help you. You can check a YouTube channel by the name of Teboho Rakotsoane he has a good content especially if you need help to profit.

Perseverance is a key criteria for success. Focus on becoming the best trader you can be, which means knowing yourself inside out. Managing emotions is key.

What you must do is to keep risk exposure minimal to protect your capital all the time. Set a daily risk limit and stick to it. Do not overtrade, revenge trade or gamble.

Rewards will follow, don’t rush it.

Hi Karnale!
I totally get where you’re coming from as far as wanting to trade to provide a better life for your children. I have three and while we’re doing decently, I get so tired of struggling to buy the necessities at times. Then, when you lose, it only makes you want to give up.
Things have gotten better for me since the beginning and trading made things much better. I haven’t invested an incredible amount, but it was enough. You can do this!
I’d say to work with a demo if you aren’t getting good results, continue to educate yourself online, and try a trading journal. They can be very useful.
Things will get better, just don’t give up!