I'm New to forex

Hi Y’all, I’m Marvin, and I’m new to forex. Just thought it would be fun to learn new skills while making money from it. Happy to be here!!

You can learn from many sources.

Hi Marvin! Definitely helps to have hobbies that bring in income, I’m wishing you the best of luck!

i am agree 100% , lots of learning resources are available in this trading community , i hope you will enjoy all instuaremnts with learning.

hi and welcome

knowledge and skill can support you for a short time , but if you want to be relax for among time you should get a thing which is experience , i hope you got the message.

you right , to be experienced about trading is a long time experience, so as a newcomer it is really difficult to be experienced about it.

Don’t expect to make money from it. Puts pressure on your trading that isn’t needed.

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Welcome to the world's largest trading community for traders. In order to trade, we require a certain amount of knowledge. To become proficient in trading, requires dedication and commitment as well as time and effort to become competent. Start with the educational section of this site.

Hello Marvin. Welcome to the world of trading. Start learning forex fundamentals. This will give you a good start. All the best