I'm ready for business

Whats up everybody I’m here to learn about the forex market I’m a newbie for now but very excited I see the potential and I have a growing family so it time to make this money work :muscle:

Hello, yes in forex market you can make money. It requires enough skills and experience. And to get it, one needs time and effort. There is no short cut for it.

Ditto. There is no short cut. Change your mindset to NOT LOSING MONEY and you’ll be ahead of the 90% of newbies who blow their capital.

best of luck.

OOooohh. :blush: Your family will be growing, hopefully as you grow as a trader. :blush: That would be great. Haha. :blush: It’s not gonna be easy, but I hope you’re really determined to become a profitable trader. :smiley:

It’s great that you already know that you will have to treat forex trading like a business that you would have started. All the best for your career.