I'm short on J pairs right now

It just made a massive drop of about 100 pips and has retraced 40 of it. When I shorted, I didn’t really have a target. It just seemed like a good time to do so based on PA candles. Now, this is one of the hard parts of trading that I’m experiencing now and I’ve come to consult the pros. Do I keep this open or just take my profit and run? There had been no news events for JPY, so I’m not sure why the sudden drop. What do I do? Should I step away from the computer? I’m feeling antsy! Have long on A/U too.

Closed my positions… :confused:

It probably has more to go. It could bounce back up. I’m tempted to go long. My minds all jumbled! Damn it’s going down again!

I had 7 positions open (7 diff pairs) with 300+ pips. Closed at +175. The fluctuation got me out even though I think it has more to go. Hmm dunno though. Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered, right? I guess I’ll wait till LO.

Nothing wrong with pips in the bank. If ever uncertain I always err on the side of positive bank rather than risking it