I'm so confusing what is the correct one?! please help me (overtrading)

From the H4hour charts, It’s “SELL” signal

But the Daily charts, It’s “BUY” signal
I’m so confuse I’ve started forex 6months but this is the only problem i have, can someone please save me whole life of my future

(Daily chart is in the comments)

I’m a Day trader

This is daily chart

I think the answer has already played out.

But, when in doubt place a buy/entry order (not a market order) and wait for price to come to you. If you had set a buy order at 89.565 then it would have been picked up, whereas if price had gone the other way, as you predicted on the 4H then you would have a better price to get in at a later time.


How you see this for next week?

I like this approach. None of my trades are opened live, all are through pre-set orders.

(These are almost all off the D1 chart and for a long I want to see a breach of a previous day’ high, for a short I want to see a breach of a previous day’s low.)

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For me right now GBP/USD has no trend so I won’t be taking this one. But there is opportunity - it could recover dramatically back towards prior highs. Thing is, nobody knows whether it will do this or whether it will continue to fall or whether it will go a little higher and then continue to fall. So for me this chart tells me nothing about probability.

go with the your strong instinct :money_mouth_face:

You should follow the daily chart. Because Price always respects the higher time frame.


I like this one, price always respects higher time frames!

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