I'm super new but I'm excited to be here!

Hi, my name’s Marissa. I’m 21 and living in Michigan.

I’m here because I want to learn skills that will help me become financially independent. I’m an exotic dancer and I make good money but I’m aware that I can only do it for so long and I want to prepare for my future after I retire. I’m also in school for social work, which I’m passionate about, but of course doesn’t bring in much money. I have some money invested in crypto and plan on getting a mutual fund soon, but foreign exchange trading seems like a really interesting and beneficial skill to develop and I want to get started as soon as possible. I just want to make sure I’m prepared for my future, and to make some extra income in the meantime.

Hi Marissa. If only it was as easy as social media marketing hype would make you believe. In reality, quite the opposite. FX trading is speculative and high risk. You need to understand it’s not a source of income because you will lose money on some trades, as does every trader on the planet.

Unless you take it seriously like a new business venture, you won’t succeed, and even if you do, there’s never any guarantee you’ll make money, let alone becoming financially independent.

I realise my post could be focusing on the negatives, however, it paints an accurate picture you would need to overcome. There’s no short cut to experience and eventual success.

Enjoy your time here, and have fun learning .and experienting on a demo account, first of all.

Thanks for your input Steve. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to make anything near an amount I could reliably fall back on via forex alone. I was more-so just outlining my financial goals in general to emphasize my interest/motivation in becoming financially literate in lots of different areas.

I do hope one day after lots of practice and learning I can make money off of this! Haha but I get it takes time and I respect anyone who has had success with it. I appreciate the dose of reality though :wink:

Welcome! that enthusiasm will be an asset for sure. Dont get disheartened if you find it overwhelming. Just keep plodding through the info and take your time. Its a marathon not a sprint. Best of luck in your trading :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck. It may sound as though Steve is being a doom monger but he is unfortunately spot on. If you are making good money with the dancing look into investing that money into longer term funds that will potentially offer some long term stability and also into funding other online business ventures (loads out there to look into). This will at the very least provide a back up to the dancing and ensure that no pressure if put on your trading to make money until hopefully it just does with good trading.

most welcome to baby pips forum , your trading approach with mature mentality is your great asset , i hope it will reach you in a great trading position , just keep going with good patience. happy trading.

Welcome to the community!

have a very good journey on there , this commu8nity is very friendly and supportive. i hope you will enjoy everything.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but be careful trading forex is very risky. Try to understand each aspect carefully before making any move.

Another lady tradeeer! :blush: I get so excited to see more and more women interested in forex. :blush: I think that with your mindset, you’re off to a good start. :smiley: Much like what Steve said, it won’t be as easy as a lot of people on social media make it out to be. But if learn and put in the hard work, and also set realistic expectations, you’ll get there eventually. :blush: I wish I also started investing when I was your age! :sweat_smile: But oh well. Let’s do the most with the opportunities we have now. :smiley:

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Hi Marissa! I hope that things go well for you and you manage to reach your goals. I think trading is a very realistic avenue to do so, as long as you’re really willing to work for it. Wishing you luck! :four_leaf_clover:

As a new trader, you should make a good plan.