Imagine it

I am doing okay with my demo account and i want to test my skills by openning a 20 $ account with fxcm or oanda,if i can compound my account then i will go for standard 10 k account.

My question is why do people use triangles,head and shoulder,tops when indicators and fundamental analysis are there?.is there something that i dont know yet?

What is the most common indicator use by pros,in your opnion?.

Can somebody show me on a chart what does “go long on a break of the toptrend line and go short on a break of the bottom trend line”.i will be very greatfull.i am very tired at work and can’t understand what it really means.?.

Thankyou people for answering my question.

Because indicators lag… They tell you the same thing looking at the price does, they just tell it too you later! Chart analysis and price action trading will beat indicators any day when it comes to profit potential.

The most common indicators used by pros [B][I]are [/I][/B]trendlines, S+R lines, triangles, etc!! :slight_smile: