Importance of forex news

yes that’s true, news has got large impact on the market, so whenever we trade, firstly we should analyze the market well and then should try to find out the important news which is going to release so that we can adjust our trades according to the impact and efficiency of the news.

I aggree with that. we should combine reading forex new and technical analysis together to make the right decision. It’s very hard to decide when to enter and exit the market.

where do you guys offen read news and analysis?

I think you should go to the section: The Analyst Arena
there are many brokers provide “daily market analysis” : HY Markets, Hotforex, FxGrow…
besides, is a good website to update news. I often use their daily updates to get quick fundamental brief. It helps more confidence when placing orders.

My broker hotforex and other main sources as bloomberg or investing, Born2Invest is also a great source to check finances news at your country.

open your brokerarena and i found intresting news about Oil


…The fall of oil prices occurred after the oil minister of Saudi Arabia, Ali al-Naimi has lowered the probability of freezing production on following meeting on Sunday…

well ,i think even Al Naimi froze its oil produtction , but still many of Oil production country can fill the supply Gap

yeah, I often read news at this website, it’s updated everyday. It informes me when the USD drops or the Oil price growths. So, I’ll know when to enter or exit the market. Reading news before opening trading platform becomes my daily routen.
Did you read the lastest news about oil and USD?

hey guys, Vantage FX gives you free access to professional News Terminal…check my trading set up with News Terminal on the right side. This News Terminal comes with instant News Release and Market updates.[ATTACH=CONFIG]86858

such a good website to update news!