Impressive Trading System

After one year of back-forward-back testing several systems, I have designed a new system urging me to post it here. I welcome constructive feedback.
My thanks to contributors who gave me a choice to select MT4 indicators and hand-pick a few to create this system. My special thanks goes to XARD as many indicators are originated from him.

Trading Pattern: Intraday on 15 min chart and Positional on 1 HR chart.


1.BUY : Start of a Green stepped line.
2. SELL : Start of a White stepped line.

There are no candle sticks to avoid stress and to avoid ambiguity. I just follow 1. BUY and 2. SELL rules as above. This will ensure that we hold on to the trade and reverse it as per the Trading Instructions.

There are no bottom MACD, RSI, STOCHASTIC, QQE etc; as you see in many systems. Again, this is to avoid confusion. I just follow 1. BUY and 2. SELL rules as above.
Murrey Math is used to book partial profits if trading in Multiple lots.
Fibo is used to know conservative stop loss, however as we follow 1. BUY and 2. SELL rules as above, it is optional.

See Charts for more info.

Your Chart is clean and the system looks interesting. Please, could you share your indicators and templates.
Thanks in advance.


Can you post your backtest results?
I have idea how you get these lines, more clarifications please, or am I missing something?

thanks if can share the indicator.

nice …:53:

What is the green and white steps calculating?

On a 5 Min Chart it is MTF Gann Hi-Lo Activator with 1 HR. On 15 Min Chart I use same indicator but MTF TF is 4 Hrs.

mpoorna, there are several different modifications of this indicator. If you want all of us to be on the same page, please upload the indicator you use. Thank you.