Improving U.K. House Prices Fuel Optimism

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• I[I]ndian Stocks Soar After Congress-Led Election Victory – Wall Street Journal
• European Markets Reverse Early Losses – Wall Street Journal
• Rising UK house prices boost pound – Financial Times[/I]

[B]EURUSD[/B] – The March Euro-zone trade balance showed a surplus of 0.4 billion in the headline reading for the first time in nine months as exports outpaced imports. Seasonally adjusted a deficit remained of 2.1 billion but was the shallowest in eight months. . Although the region saw a pick up in overall exports, shipments to the U.S. and U.K. –its main trading partners – declined by at least 25%. The decline in demand for energy products slowed which helped mask declines in machinery, vehicle and manufactured goods. Discuss the topic and your trade ideas in the EUR/USD Forum.

[B]GBPUSD [/B]– The Rightmove house price index rose by 2.4% which was the most in a year as easing lending standards have boosted demand. Indeed, the quantitative easing measures by the BoE are helping to drive down borrowing costs lower and make credit more readily available. A rebound in the sector may spell lead the central bank to refrain from additional measures which could help build pound support. For more news and resources, visit the GBP/USD Currency Room.