In MT4 indicators, I see moving averages, but not EMA

I’ve just installed an MT4 demo account and I’m trying to set up my indicators.
There are a few things that puzzle me:
First I can see moving averages in the indicator list, but not Exponential Moving Averages. Am I missing something?
Secondly, I configured the MACD in 12, 26 and 9. I am emulating a MACD chart I saw somewhere on Babypips but that chart had 2 lines, with the 9 signal line and the main macd line, whereas mine only has 1 line, I can’t figure out why.
thanks for your help

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ok I’ve found out how to go from simple MAs to exponential (I hadn’t noticed the dropdown menu :o )
But I still got the problem of my MACD having only the 9-day EMA line and the histogram. I don’t have the actual MACD line.

This is the one I use. Unzip the file into the “C:\Program Files\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts\indicators” Folder, then restart MT. You can then add it by choosing “Insert / Indicators / Custom / imacd”. Let me know if you have any problems.

Topgun (1017 Bytes)

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Thanks a lot Topgun, the indicator’s great
I’ve had to change computers because for some reason I can’t post from mine.
Has anyone had this problem before?:confused:

I’ve never heard of that. I would try to go into your internet explorer options and clearing the cookies & temporary Internet files first. Are you not able to log in? or do you get a message just trying to post?

I can log in but when I click to send a post it doesn’t work. Anyway I’m running antiviruses/antiadware, etc We’ll see.

It could be that you have a popup blocker turned on.

I don’t think it’s that, I have a popup blocker in Firefox but not in IE and I have the same problem.

Going back to the EMA part, I just loaded Metatrader the other day for FX and I always use Guppy’s 12 EMAs on my Ninja trader futures BUT i use it on panel 2 and do not overlay the EMA’s on top of my candles or bars.

I just loaded 12 EMAs on my chart and will save as a template but i do not want them on my upper panel on my bars. How can i get them placed in the next panel below?


In mt4 the outline of the histogram is the macd line.
This means when the signal line comes out of the histogram it is a signal and when it enters the histogram it is a signal, you’ll see what I mean if you use it.

The MacD indicator is wrong in MT4. What you are seeing is the red signal line and a histogram of the other line. Imagine a line that is made from using the top or bottom of the histogram. What you need to do is use the indicator called “OsMA” in the custom indicator list.

MT4 macd is not “wrong” it is just displayed in a different way to the regular macd. The outline of the histogram is the macd line.

The OsMA is not a regular macd, it is created by applying a smoothing technique to the regular macd, the resulting indicator gives very different results from a regular macd

This image shows the MT4 MACD at the top
Second image is a regular MACD
Third image is OsMA.
All three are set at 12 26 9

As you can see the regular MACD and the MT4 MACD lines are identical in their path, the difference is the MT4 MACD uses the outline of the histogram as its MACD line.

The OsMA lines display a very different path and is not a true MACD.

When I said the MacD is wrong, I was clearly talking about how you won’t get the same results if you are using the cowabunga system. In order to do this, you will need to simply use the OsMA indicator.

If you are following the cowabunga system and using the MT4 MacD indicator, then clearly you will not get the right entries sometimes because the histogram position won’t be the same. So yes, it is wrong if you are thinking you are using the same “MacD” as the guy who founded the cowabunga system and you will be confused at his charts since you aren’t getting the same data.

You will get the exact same results with either a normal MACD or with an OsMA indicator, since they are giving you the same information. You just have to know how the read the indicators, since they both show that info in different ways.

I do agree that if you want your indicators to look the same as Pip Surfer’s you need to use an OsMA, but the MACD is not wrong and can be used for Cowabunga.

You were not clearly talking about that system, in fact you never mentioned the cowabunga system in your post nor did anyone else in this thread.