In need of some motivation

Hi ladies n gents,

I’m a single mum trying to desperately make some money from. Do you think it’s feasible to do this when my disposable income is so limited. I only have 100 bucks here n there and some times when I get into silly trades and I need some money to float me my trades end up getting closed Coz I get below the 20% margin.

I managed to make 1000 gbp from 100 quid in a week n half but then I lost it all coz i got too excited. I love scalping. Is anyone else in my shoes? I think I have a knack for it but it’s so painful to lose it all especially when you make plans for that money. Should I just wait to get a reasonable investment before I go in again?

you can scalp which is okay but sometimes this short time approach causes a great risk , so build a strong money management first of all. otherwise the result of trading can be useless,.

when you are prepare to scalp first of all you have to make sure lowest trading spreads including a exact risk management.

Hi and welcome in BP community :slight_smile: I will give you good tip, don’t touch fx right now because you are not ready for trading, mentally, knowledgeably, financially, all you can do is lost funds. Something about scalping from other topic which I took a part.

Hi Malnal92

Welcome. It sounds like you’re not yet reading to start trading. Head over to the school of pipsology which will teach you all the basics to start:

Learn How to Trade the Markets (

Yup. Wait until you have that and also nailed down how you’re gonna trade.

This part makes me think a more stable source of income is probably a better idea.

Welcome to the community, @Malmal92. Have you gone through the education section here? If not, I suggest you do that. Then as you go along you can open a demo account to practice so that you don’t lose real money while you’re still learning. It won’t be easy but you have to be patient as you go through the learning process if you’re really serious about this.