In photos: The chaos in the lives of millions of poor Indians under a lockdown

The photos are so sad. Anybody here from India? If so, are you seeing the same things?

A migrant’s child collects leftover paddy from an empty wholesale market in Chandigarh.

Mumbai Police personnel disperse migrants protesting against the extension of nationwide lockdown on April 14.

Homeless labourers on the banks of River Yamuna in New Delhi. The government is moving them to shelter homes.

Daily wage workers on the banks of the Yamuna, awaiting their transfer to shelter homes.

Migrants in Andhra Pradesh trying to return to their native villages.

Source: India's coronavirus lockdown leaves its poor in the lurch — Quartz India

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I’m of Indian origin. India has many migrant workers who seek work in cities. These workers want to go home since they no longer have work given the current situation. But India has imposed a strict lockdown and the government is dissuading travel. To the credit of the Modi government, they have spared no expense and have made every effort to provide shelter and food to the poor and migrant workers. Many of these workers have revolted against the lock down. These workers are the casualty of the war on COVID-19. It is a sad situation nonetheless.

It breaks my heart. I started doing the maths around February this year and realised this was going to be real bad. At first my focus was on the Western economies and I was scared, but slowly my attention shifted to the South Asian, Southern African countries. That is when I got really sad and worried. It really breaks my heart. The West can fight for itself or team up, but to really defeat the virus we all need to come together in a way the world has never done yet. If India, Asia, Africa and South America suffer as badly as I think, then the West will be hit even harder in the long run. All their preparations will have vastly diminished results if they forget about poorer nations. We are all members of the world and now really is the time to unite, a lot of countries can’t handle this on their own.

This could be an opportunity for a dream, a world united in basic healthcare for everyone, access to hygiene, food and water for everyone around the globe. But we need real visionary leaders.

The indian public from what I’ve seen have a mob mentality. Theyll revolt against anything and everything and take it so far when it needn’t be so. The government are also known to make knee jerk decisions with no plan or warning. Remember them stopping the 1000 note. They are trying to put provisions in place but it’s too little too late. India definitely dont have enough ventilators so the public should take advice and stay away from huge crowds. I mean picture 2 just scares me! But I guess if you have no home to go to or any food you dont have a choice. The government have no vision…or maybe they do and that might be the problem:

This article does not tell the whole story and takes things out of context. I don’t want to debate this issue on the forum but I’ll say that this article is pure disinformation.

What’s happening all over the world, not just in India, is terrible. This coronavirus has ruined the economy, the lifestyle for most, and for some, the life itself. So at times like this, it’s important to stay human and support each other as much as possible. These pictures break my heart, it’s very sad. People don’t deserve such things to happen to them.

Yikes. Imagine all that plus the crazy heat India experiences yearly also. Truly devastating. :cry:

I`m really don’t want live in India after this photos