In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Do you know anything about brokers that you have recommended? Global Prime and Blueberry Markets just established in 2019. I don’t know about IG but it doesn’t look good either

I suggest TradeMax. Their spread is really nice and personal service.

I had unpleasant experiences with Oanda found prices were not consistent . I personally do not agree with going with regulated brokers for the sake of them being big … FXCM springs to mind . I was with an unregulated one ( their ECN platform ) for three years they were as good as gold from execution to customer service. I left to join another unregulated one purely because their commission (3.5$ per round turn ) again on ECN and spread (0.0 to 0.2 a pip on EUR/USD ) was lower , Their liquidity is also deep. As I have started scalping this is a big advantage. I do think who is regulating the regulated brokers…themselves perhaps??

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Turnkey forex would be a good option to look for. These guys are pretty genuine. Couple of withdrawals made and each one has been credited timely. Apart from that, spreads are also narrow, which I really like, being a scalper myself.

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Yes their liquidity is awesome, they adopted ECN technology so their spreads are pretty tight and execution is fast even during overload. But unfortunately they have some issues with giving traders enough freedom to trade so I made decision to move elsewhere.

Can you tell me how you lost your trading freedom? okay my best friend? :hugs:

BIG profits and consistent results in FX can be achieved with the correct guidance.
Most of our analysts started of with a mentor, delivering outstanding guidance and we strongly believe the best way to learn something is to follow in the paths of those who have done it.

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They detect profitable traders and raise spreads for some scalping strategies so it becomes unprofitable. I call such brokers greedy :slight_smile:

What about crypto brokers?

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They don’t have so good reviews at all.

I had experience only with Tickmill, Hotforex and Exness (including their crypto products). It is more expensive than trading on crypto exchanges but you know the latter have problems with fiat. I also traded some latency opportunities but they are very unstable and possible during heavy drawdowns or when you expect some major price changes. Not sure fx brokers offering crypto will tolerate those tricks.

For most of the asian countries, Exness is the best and for European countries, Alpari UK and FXpro are the best.

I highly recommend you ITrader.
It’s really a reliable and safe broker and the best choice for the beginners to learn forex trade.

What’s your experience with them? interested in the number of withdrawals and their size. How do their conditions behave during market turbulence or volatility?

I recommend you to join one of the best Forex broker — Baazex offers trading platform with 80+ financial instruments like FX, commodities, indices, metal and many more.
In short, they offered trusted and lowest commission transactional method as well as low spread, standard trading terms.

Been using Globalprime after I got scammed by IC Markets by hunting my stoploss

I use Jafx, it’s good and you can trade Forex too.

Who was your mentor if u had a chance of getting urself one ?

It all depends on what your looking for from a broker .
Some want tight spreads , low commissions.
Others want high leverage as is possible and others are more cautious.
Another factor could be if you want to run an EA you’ll need brokere that allows scalping and hedging as a lit of regulated brokers don’t allow these practices.
A lot of people gravitate towards brokers with long standing reputations and are weary of newer companies. Withdrawal speed is another factor to consider with newer brokers and more established brokers using BTC for deposit and withdrawals.
My list would go something like this and in no particular order.
IC Markets Onada EagleFX Coinexx.
Trial each of them and use a demo account to iron out the nuances of each platform.

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