In the green ;) - green as can be & NEW to TRADING

Hello to everyone:

As my introduction states, I am new to trading. I hung around a trading forum for a couple of years, observed and pick up some things along the way. It was recently suggested by my a very dear friend and Brother in Christ to join babypips. For this I am very grateful. It is my hope it will help me in my journey to learn how to trade, master the physiology of trading.

Do you know your why and how this ties into your dreams? Let me tell you my why and my dreams.

My why is my family. I want to retire my husband, leave a financial legacy for my children and have the ability to impact peoples lives at the highest level - LOVE by which I am motivated. I am a women of faith. I wish to utilize finances to bring “HEALING OF HOPE” to wherever God sends me to speak. This term came from when I was given the diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer in 2019 of which I was healed! Yes, you read that correct - HEALED.
My husband has served our city for 32 years as a Paramedic. I am grateful for the calling he has. The impact its had on our family life, emotionally and mentally is unlike no other. You are in a battle zone saving lives every day. Oh the stories and you have to be a good listener for them to be able to download on. It is definitely a calling. They are so full of grace and compassion. Paramedics in our City are deemed non-essential. Therefore, like others you have to work until you are 65 to get a pension. This is my way of saying thank you to him for serving all these years. I would also like to be able to have some time to travel with him before we are to old to do so. I don’t know what it is or why but I have a passion for trains. I would like to travel on trains of the world - scenic. These are available I do know in Europe and Canada. Also, to be able to visit/stay in my ancestral homeland of Italy, visit family in other parts of Europe. I am “older” and have waited many years to have these doors open to create the vision that was given to me through daily gifts on the road of life.

It is unfolding, this is my year of the start of financial freedom. There is a saying and I term it my way, with God’s direction, “If it is going to be, it’s up to me!” #iwinin2023 #womenwinning #financialfreedomisnow

I look forward to engaging, staying focused

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This was such a good and heartwarming read! :blush: I’m always very excited to see more female traders around, but I’m extra happy to have someone who seems so positive and devoted. I hope forex someone helps you achieve your dreams for yourself and family. :pray: I wish you all the best! :blush:

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This is such a kind response. <3 Thank you. I look forward to banding together to bring more women into the space of trading.