In these brokers which one is good







IC Markets (1st choice, out of those) and Pepperstone (2nd choice) are both decent, respectable, reliable, well-regulated brokers with whom you shouldn’t have significant or unusual problems.

The other three, Tickmill, HotForex and Exness are truly horrible “brokers” to avoid at all cost - as some due diligence and research would very quickly show you. My suggestion would be definitely to AVOID all three of them. I wouldn’t touch any of them with a barge-pole.


XM and FxPrimus are very good brokers to be involved with! They good with withdrawals. They always pay on time, zero taxes on trades and are just absolutely the best. Hope this helps @Needhelpinbinary!!

That’s for sure!

Exness are a dodgy Russian outfit whom many in the industry consider to be out-and-out crooks.

Tickmill and HotForex both promote themselves in forex forums by paying people to mention them favourably in posts, and that tells you exactly what sort of customers they want to attract, which in turn tells you all you need to know about how they do business. Keep away!

I haven’t heard of anything terrible about IC or Pepperstone, though, so I’d try one of those.

How, where, and by whom they’re regulated and what their regulatory record is are the things that actually matter.

Like Lukas (above) I’ve been around the industry for some decades and would by now probably be aware of it if there were anything seriously wrong with either IC or Pepperstone. But stay well away from Hotforex and Tickmill (even though Tickmill is now allegedly FCA-regulated).

By any objective or sensible standards, this is just plain ridiculous.


thanks for the great reply XM is also not good


these 3 brokers can support my local bank so it will be very easy for me are they good or not ?

None of them would be my choice, I must say.

Sorry if I’m missing something that everyone else understands, but what do you mean by “support my local bank”?

Why do you need a broker to “support your local bank”?

Surely you can transfer funds from your bank to any brokerage? (And if not, maybe you need to change banks, rather than brokers?).

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sir what do you think about fx pro is it a good broker ?

Guys, what do you think about Alpari?

The part of Alpari that didn’t go bankrupt, you must mean? Just the Russian one that’s not properly regulated?! :grimacing:

Personally I’d try Oanda (I used them for many years with no problems). They’re still a counterparty market-maker but an honest, reliable and properly regulated one.

I don’t think IC or Pepperstone, mentioned in your original post, are likely to be bad, either.

But some of the “brokers” suggested above are frankly ridiculous choices.


Ic Markets for quick withdraws :slight_smile:

Nothing is wrong with IC and Pepperstone. You can as well go for Tradeview. I won Demo contest last November from Tickmill and they refused to pay me stating that I was not live account trader. whereas they say the it was for those not live with them as well.

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so fxpro is also not good ?

Sorry, I don’t know.

The point is that asking people you don’t even know, in forums, which brokers will be good for you is of very limited value. You can’t even tell whether they know what they’re talking about.

What’s FAR more helpful is to learn how to judge for yourself which brokers are safe. Check their regulation and regulatory histories in great detail for yourself. Understand how they work. Learn how to see the tell-tale signs that they’re not safe to use (free bonuses, competitions, gimmicks, spammy marketing, etc). Understand about segregation of client funds and why it matters.

It’s like “the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching them how to fish”.


Hello Friends,

Before you can choose any broker please check reviews and rating on different sites


That’s really not a good way at all to check out brokers.

Most review sites are incentivzed, with affiliate links.

Most of the good reviews there are planted by employees of the brokerages.

Most of the bad reviews there are planted by their competitors.

They’re not “information” at all: they’re simply a mixture of positive and negative marketing.

What matters most is to check out for yourself where and by whom they’re regulated, and their regulatory history.

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That’s right.

While some people here claim that Tickmill, XM, FxPro, HotForex, Exness and so many other brokers are BAD, still, they’re ALL regulated. So it can be very confusing at first to choose a broker. I tried IQ Option and XM, they’re both good, at this point.

We’ll find many bad and many good reviews on the Internet, just pick one which is regulated, which is active on social media platforms and which has a helpful customer service.

Then how to find good broker online

It’s not hard to find good broker. Follow other traders and ask question from those already trading live

I just consider the problem of withdrawal as fast as you want. It’s but what I care about is the quality of the deal or how long I will choose