Increasing MT4 History

Dear friends, I hope you are well.

I am back testing a new trading system in development and I need to look back at least one year on the 15 Minute candle in MT4. So far I can only go back to 18th January…which has provided useful data to train the best parameters for my model driven system.

I now want to test these parameters a further 6 - 9 months from Jan 18 2016 but MT4 will not allow me to look back that far.

[B]Note:[/B] the backtest is not in the strategy tester (it cannot be) but a manual look back.

I would like to know how to increase the lookback period.


Please help

The data available to you is determined by your broker (at least in my experience). Some brokers limit the historical data that you can scroll back to, which I think is stupid.

You can try using Forex Tester 2, which is a backtesting program. You can subscribe to historical data going back to 2010, I believe, from brokers like FXCM, but it’ll cost you $$$.

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Maybe you can try emailing your broker and see what they say? Hope other people can chime in here. :slight_smile: