Indicator or EA for a specific break aout strategy


i dont know if there is a free version of a specific Trading System. About the strategy:

Tradetime: London open between 8 an 9 a.m or 9 and 10. Or Asian 0 to 8 a.m
Strategy: 1. draw highs ans lows for the last session
2. trade the first breakout form the session with one lot, it TP then close.
3. if the price comes back to the session-range, then wait, if price breaks out in the opposite site, then open the next trade with 2 lots until take profit, and close all positions.
4. if price dont reach TP and go again in opposite direction, then open the 3. break out with 4 Lots until TP, then close all
5. and so on…

Do someone know what is the name of this strategy, or know a EA to configure or an idea?
thank you very much