Indicator Settings for Parabolic Sar

Yes I wanted to know the best possible settings/numbers for step and maximum for the parabolic sar on the MT4 app? I mostly trade on the daily and h4 timeframe.

if you want more sensitivity , you should set higher number for step and maximum step ( for example Step: .03 Maximum Step: 0.20 ) and vice versa ( Step: 0.01 Maximum Step : 0.1 - to be less sensitive) .
You should check want suits you . For more information you can check this link ( Parabolic SAR [ChartSchool] )


thank you so much

If you really wanted to help you would do so here in this thread not ask to contact you personally. That is a red flag. I wouldnt recommend anyone to contact you.

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If you are using the SAR as a lone indicator, I can tell you it doesnt work because I tried it many times. You could maybe use it along with other ones as confluence. Think of it like this. The SAR is good for trending markets as you just follow the colour change however markets are in trend only 20% of the time so you will be whipsawed out the other times. Be careful with this indicator and make sure you only use a demo account for 6 months.

I totally agree on that the indicator should not be used alone however it can function as a good exit indicator paired with moving averages.

Have you used it as an exit indicator in your trading?

Yes I have. It’s so far (not at all times) has helped.

Hi, what do you mean ‘not all times’? Does it not work well as an exit indicator?