Indicator sources...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi Guys
I’m not a total newbie, but perhaps someone could help me here. I need a good indicator source. Many claim to be good, but I guess only the ones you pay for are any good. I’ve tried a few with mixed results. Can anyone recommend or any other German (or English sites) please?

I went to the site you mentioned, but I don’t read German well enough to know what it’s about.

Are you looking for information about indicators, what they do, how to use them, etc.?

Or are you looking for indicators to download?


try the mql4 page.

you ll find some indicators that can make you very very happy.

all for free, all with users comments

I suggest you buy a book…

the book…“Technical Analysis from A to Z” by Steven B Achelis.

This book describes a huge list of quality indicators and is considered a bible for forex traders.

Technical indicators are like women what works for me may not work for you. You may literally want to grab and read as many books as you can and simply figure out what you like and what works. Each and every trader has a different psyche and risk level. For me it’s fairly common to give the market hundreds of pips(per lot) to move for my stop loss(based on volitality).

Another example is I don’t deal with trendlines or news at all indicators, price and patterns for me.

Wrong. Technical indicators aren’t nearly as complicated as women. Or as much fun.

I still don’t know whether [B]Flyswatter[/B] is looking for a list of indicators, a primer or textbook on indicators, free indicators to download, or proprietary indicators to purchase.

If he (or anyone else) is looking for a good list of technical indicators, together with explanations of what they do and
how they do it, I have two for you:

Forex | Technical indicators list

Online Trading Concepts - Technical Analysis - Candlestick Charts - Options Tutorials



I would like to add a question.
since my platform is a bit limited, but I don’t wanna switch forex company.
I am trying to find free chart software to download, where i don’t need to register. all the softwares that i saw on babypips are very expensive :frowning: (maybe when i’ll be a more experienced and richer i’ll be able to buy:D).