Indicator to show short term, intermediate term, long term highs and lows?

I want to trade intermediate term highs and lows. Is there an indicator which highlights the short, intermediate and long term highs and lows? I want to find something that will work with Williams %R and have two indicators, I see there have been previous ICT threads about it with some links to YouTube videos and an indicator that does highlight them - but none of the links work any more. Any advice greatly appreciated…

Ask a coder (unless you can code yourself) to code what you want/need. When I write ‘ask’ I mean ‘pay’. I think that is the best solution.

I saw a post here that encouraged us to google “Zonal Trading in forex”, I did. Although it does not highlight Highs and Lows like you want, but it is a good combination of William Oscillators. I really like it and it worked for me yesterday. I can’t give you a link, so just google it - Zonal Trading in forex…

I did the search, is this what you mean? Zonal Trading System

Naaa, it is just two of BIll Williams inidicator combined together and really old system. I doubt if it ever works

Indeed - I doubt it very much.

Just a question, Rebecca, and don’t read too much into it, but why would you want to do that with an indicator rather than simply by looking at the charts yourself? (I ask because short-, intermediate- and long-term highs and lows are a huge part of almost all my trading methods, and it would never occur to me to seek an indicator of any kind to replace something I regard as absolutely fundamental trading preparation.)