Indicators adding indicators

Good day friends, I’m having problem on adding additional indicators on meta4, please what can i do? Why is it so difficult for me to add aroon up and down indicator on metatrader 4?

So you’re saying he shouldn’t install any indicators he want and just rely on MAs & MACDs? Is that your advice for everyone, irrespective of their strategy?

@ore123 - If it’s a pre-defined indicators you’ll have to navigate to Insert > Indicators. If it’s a custom indicator you’ll probably have to do a bit of research to install it. Like this:

@Luke_Ronchi, @Kathlyn_Pollich, @Paulsy

Yes, but what is the answer to the OP’s question?

@Kathlyn_Pollich - How do you add indicators to MT4?

For example, suppose I have a custom indicator on how to set it up on the mt4 platform.

  1. First open data folder
  2. I will enter MQL4
  3. I will enter under the indicator. I will paste my custom indicator after entering.
  4. Now I will restart the mt4 platform.
  5. Then I will enter the indicator list and select my indicator from the custom indicator.