Indicators and system trading

anyone have any recommendations on indicators to use , I’ve been trading for a year now and i would like to trade ideas

Before you add an indicator, you should try to identify what you want it to do. A simple lack of profits is not a problem that can automatically be solved by adding an indicator.

Let’s have a conversation and share some information.

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You won’t be better mechanic with just more screwdrivers. :slight_smile:

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New traders can use indicators at first.

Try telling that to the guy trying to fix a Dyson vacuum cleaner who needs a 15cm long hex handle. :laughing:

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Maybe after a year you shouldn’t worry so much about what you call systems and indicators . Progression I feel is the experience of reading charts and how each individual instrument moves

What about OP, is he a bot too? He’s not replied since. :thinking:

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