Indicators For Binary Trading

Traders, What is the best indicator to use with ForexMTN? (for signal filtering)

only been doing the demo so far but I just treat it like I would trading forex (S/R lines, trade with the direction, macd indicator, read the calender on babypips)

Well, I am trying to test Keltner with Stochastic. The other one I would like to test once I have time is the Moving average.

I just started, but I like to use StochRSI, Bollinger Bands, and BB %

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Never used any indicators.

Don’t think that binary options as itself is a good idea in case you only start trading, if you’ve already decided that it’s the way you want to develop in trading, then there you go. To my mind, binary options can be traded intuitively without any indicators, as maximum you can use various oscillators like stochastic or stuff like that. I personally think that intraday trading as well as medium-time trading are the best ways to develop yourself in trading, but of course every trader has a right to choose the way he wants. What really matters in both binary and intraday for example is the ability to make weighed decisions.

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Guys, how many of us are still working with binary options now?