Influencers, e-gamers... what are other jobs you think will surface in the future?

I find it so interesting that these new “jobs” are now becoming more prominent. What are other jobs you think will start existing thanks to the internet?

Also, if you can become an influencer or e-gamer today, would you choose to become one? :open_mouth:

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I don’t think I am photogenic enough to be an influencer and I have cheese fingers, so e-gamer is out of the question too.

Well the great news is we don’t gots to be photogenic to become influencers! I’m seeing influencers from all sorts of spaces appear now - watch enthusiasts, books, etc. That’s all they talk about and sometimes they don’t even show their faces!

Then again, the question is - are they making money :sweat_smile:

A lot of people are, or they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing.

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I think some are but definitely not a majority. You have to be very popular with maybe at least 10k following and probably like a super niche audience. Just imho of course.

There seems to be a lot of those people. Then again, on a global level they are probably not that many?

I know a handful of them with 10k+ followers and they’re not making any significant money except likes that can’t pay bills lol. Only a few of them are. And I’m not sure they’re rolling in dough either. Probably just enough to make “influencing” their full time job.

True, true. It won’t stop others from trying their hand at it though.


Now THAT’S a job. :100:

Transhumanist technicial/doctor? I.e.a person who grafts technology to the human body.

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