Info about FxPro

does any of you know anything about FxPro ? merci beaucoup

good broker… executed always on price…fast withdrawal…real time chart…i like to use fx pro…i suggest to use fx pro…

hi all

not that i don’t believe to 3 people in 2 threads that say that fxpro is good, but it would be very nice if more people gave their opinion on fxpro.

i’ve tried more then few platforms, and i’m quite happy with fxpro, but it’ll be really good to hear some more about them before i start trading live. especially if they overtook (or whatever happened there) northfinace and/or some other questionable brokers.

also people talk about problems with withdrawal of the profit, but their faq section clearly (with example) says that if you deposit 200+300 you must withdraw 300 then 200. after that, you can use bank transfer. i would like to hear if anyone had problems with bank transfer.

i’ve looked at the cyprus regulatory page, FSA page, french and german regulatory pages and they are regulated by them.

any additional info would be very appreciated.

anyone? there must be more then 3 people that use fxpro…

anyway, after kind miss from support couldn’t answer one of my questions, she told me to write an email to info@fxpro with that question, which i did. but 2 days after that, still no reply of any kind…

please, if anyone could give an opinion or two?