Inner Circle Trader Introductory Videos


Does anyone know where I can find the following introductory ICT videos?
They are not accessible on Youtube.


Inner Circle Trader’s Introduction Video Series:

I Know Exactly What You Are Looking For
Forex Risk Management
Contending With Trade Psychology
The Excellence Of Execution
Trading Support & Resistance
Inner Circle Trader’s Core Concepts Introduction
Handling Losses & Inevitable Drawdowns
Trade Forex Like The Insiders - Secrets To The COT Report
Major Market Analysis
The Search & Destroy Market Profile
The Reversal Market Profile
Correlation Concepts - Inner Circle Trader’s Smart Money Concepts
Optimal Trade Entry - Inner Circle Trader’s OTE Pattern
Fibonacci Concepts In Forex
Trading The Figure
How Professionals Use Indicators
Trading The Key Swing Points
Exploring The Asian Range
Trading The Asian Session
Trading The New York Session
The London Close Tactic
The Power Of Three - Accumulation - Profit Release - Distribution
The Judas Swing - Inner Circle Trader’s Exclusive Market Maker Swing
Short Term Trading - Inner Circle Trader’s Short Term Trading Model
The Trader’s Trinity - Inner Circle Trader’s Exclusive Overbought - Oversold & S&R Concept
High Probability Price Patterns - Inner Circle Trader’s Collection
Scalping 20 pips Per Day - Inner Circle Trader’s Method
Inner Circle Trader’s How To Capture Explosive Forex Profits

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I have them, but do you know what happened to him though?

Hi CyberGuy:
Thank you for replying, but I don’t need them any longer. Though I am curious, what happened to him?

That is what i am trying to find out. seems like he has disappeared. lol. Btw if you dont mind me telling, why dont you need it any longer? have you found something better or dont do forex any more?

awesome, i am in the process, so on the scale of 1-10 how would rate that it has helped you?

At least “5”. Although I haven’t been able to find a profitable method (ICT or not) to trade forex, yet. Still a newbie. A lot more to learn.


You’re not alone, the initiator of ICT couldn’t make it work either.
For a simple, profitable system try the 3 ducks system right here on babypips

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Cool ! I’ll give it a try !

Although not sure yet, but atleast his asian session prediction using the newyork session was pretty accurate. i just went through the whole 2016 data hourly chart day by day. There was only 4 times when he was wrong out of whole trading days.

Hey mate, if you dont mind me asking, why do you say that ICT coulndt make it work? I read his interview on baby pips where he says that he has made 10 million and he wants to reach 20 mil before he retires.

I definitely learned something of value from his teachings. Whether the methods work in practice is another issue. I haven’t had the time to take a closer look, so I’m not a suitable judge.

It’s not his work. Like everything else he cobbled together on here, he plagiarised & rehashed it from elsewhere & in doing so diluted, & in some cased omitted completely important elements of the original set ups. He then proceeded to unnecessarily complicate matters so much he not only confused himself but virtually all of his loyal gang too.

It’s the primary reason he can’t trade a profitable live account to save his life & neither can any of his fanboys. He makes it up as he goes along, always has.
You’d be well advised to use your time & efforts more constructively.

On the flip side, you’ll get no complaints from the broker reps who frequent these joints on a sporadic basis. They absolutely adore muppets like Huddlestone & particularly the naïve punters who lap all that nonsense up like it’s going out of fashion!

After all, absorbing & fading that crap is an extremely lucrative income stream for them!

Spot on, Speedbump

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Hello theCyberGuy I need those videos I have make good profits applying these concepts to my trading I only downloaded 5 of them, so I want the other, can you send me them please?

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The thing is, systems are geared to a particular style. Some people swing trade, some are more long term, some are scalpers. It’s hard to find systems that are in sync with your particular style.

True - but it also helps if you can create a system that you can use profitably; ICT couldn’t even do that, which by his own standards is rather humiliating.

Yet after all of this there are still people wanting to find his videos, I really struggle to understand the logic here. It certainly doesn’t read well, but, if you want to start off with the cards already firmly stacked against you then please feel free to continue.

Hey theCyberGuy I want the videos, could you give it to me please bro

Good day mate,

I respect your opinion and pardon my small mind. But, so far all I have heard from people is that he is egostic, its not his own material, he is a scam. But I still fail to see if his material was wrong. Internet is all full of bull crap. People selling “money management” showing fx account return of 85%. Well the point is if they can make money with forex they dont need our money in the first place. Mike gave it for free. Why would anyone with 5 kids take out his time and make hours long video and give it away for free?

As far as he failed 5k challenge, that doesnt translate to anything. there can be multiple factors. The whole point is "Does his stuff work? Yes or No?.. IMO it does, because that you can see on the chart.

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Hi Cyberguy Please add as friend. I would like the videos please.

But he didn’t though did he. Con men never work for free pal.

In order to string along & set up all the naïve, gullible souls for the ultimate scam – he carefully engineered an off forum pay-per-view environment where he can charge you all for shovelling out the same useless BS he was plagiarising for free.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book & unfortunately is played out on these & similar forums quite often.
And there’s a fool born every minute, evidenced by the odd post such as these which pop up every so often.