Inner Circle Trader's 5k To 1mil - Live Trading Tracking Thread

OK. So, did he blown out the account yet? Nope I don’t think so. He is still in the game.
Is it 3 years yet… the goal to deliver what he supposed to deliver? Not yet…

So, what is really the criteria to proved ICT right/wrong? Isn’t the bottom line here is to turn the 5K to 1 million in 3 years or so? or Is it how he took the trade in a daily basis? We needed to see the bottom line if he can deliver it in a specified time that he said he would.

But my own trading doesn’t affect either way.

Here endeth the lesson.

(that doesnt mean disregard the tools you’ve been given - only you can work out how to use them profitably, if at all…)

I find it amusing the amount of people who are worried about what others are doing, especially in an environment such as this…

Its all up to number 1, no one else…

With that, please continue the arguments, it makes for an entertaining read :slight_smile:

(I still think ICT will complete this challenge successfully)

Came to that conclusion about half year ago, and never did i regret it :slight_smile:

To use your analogy the question being debated at the moment is weather or not ICT’s course is a worthwhile STEM degree from an Ivy League or a degree in Nutrition from the University of Phoenix.

wooloo leave all forums, study hard and only yourself, dont listen to anyone, after some time dont thank me just send me that 1mil i deserve :wink:

The way he trade right now, it is getting close to your favor so I will give you credit on that :slight_smile:

Lets see if this comes out right - This is just my personal observations::

OK. So, did he blown out the account yet? Nope I don’t think so. He is still in the game.
For a ‘student’ as I would call myself -believing what is being taught - spending my time studying trying to understand what is being taught - expecting maybe - just maybe I can make it in the market - Knowing that it is a biatch at best and my chances are ‘slim’ - to study - really study - a college equivelant to calculus 4 and 5 in the same semester --the professor - - says look, I know this is hard but I can do it - and with time and patience and money management and a good trading plan - and all sorts of good stuff that we are taught - -He (ICT) is throwing that out the window - like everything he is teaching doesn’t apply to him - – and so where is the student left??? Professor taught some great things - believable things - - but he himself doesn’t use them - - - and now is faltering

Is it 3 years yet… the goal to deliver what he supposed to deliver? Not yet…
I’ll agree here - but like I mentioned to someone else – a pro trader doesn’t drop 12% like this - and did it in spite of his clear rules. So as a student - -what the heck am I suppose to ‘do’ or ‘believe’

So, what is really the criteria to proved ICT right/wrong? Isn’t the bottom line here is to turn the 5K to 1 million in 3 years or so? or Is it how he took the trade in a daily basis? We needed to see the bottom line if he can deliver it in a specified time that he said he would.
I think my comments above will support this conclusion – first question what is really the criteria to prove ICT right or wrong. Well the first criteria is to have a plan you’ve taught to your ‘students’ and follow that plan - so that a student can feel - enjoy knowing - hey this really does work as the professor has taught - - if he can reach a million - and do it differently that what is taught to me — what is the point - as far as timing – who cares – if it takes 10 years - but is consistent with what is taught - I am fan . … but that is clearly not happening

But my own trading doesn’t affect me either way.
I’m not quite sure here - my trading does affect me in every way - -I suspect a typo here or I missed the point

PIPNROLL - I mean no disrespect to you or ICT or anyone - I am interested in learning this biz . . I am the student - - -you see how the student (me) am thinking or feeling – Like I stated earlier – I feel duped - - I certainly hope this is just a hiccup for ICT - and I certainly hope it turns out well for him – -- however again - where does that leave me - - if the trades are NOT within confined rules - -what did I learn from it - -absolutely nothing –

Ok I think this came out like I wanted - i’ll post it

It’d been perfectly fine if he had followed his methods, stuck to his rules…

But let’s face it, even professional traders have difficult days sometimes. With all these pressure from social media, and his own expectations that he set for himself, he is bound to face unnecessary amounts of stress and distress when he enters a losing position.

He has probably gone on tilt today…

Probably best if he could clarify and acknowledge that he had made an honest mistake - like any other human being would - and start picking up his act.

To be honest, if he is placing trades at 5AM GMT in the morning, I think there must be something wrong with his methods because those are not the timings that offer the best risk-reward set-ups. While certain things can be debated, some things like when the market is best for trading are fixed. As a day trader he should probably better define his trading hours and not take random entries at random times of the day.

That is just my 2 cents… Something is fundamentally lacking in his trading method, which is hard to detect from backtest because our Reticular Activation System filters out the ‘bad’ trades and leaves us to only see the good ones.

I just learned an new way to say, “we see only what we want to see”…lol…:53:

The man wrote a detailed list of rules of how we was going to trade. He voluntarily wrote that list and said that’s what he was going to follow. That was his path to completing this.

He is at liberty to change them if he wants. They are his rules. But as they stand and as he violates them, it’s rationale to believe that he won’t complete the plan as he doesn’t even have the discipline to stick to his own rules.

And you would lose money in the process while everyone took their money and put it into companies that can meet or exceed advertised expectations.

OK folks, let’s compile a list of teaching materials that ICT uses, that are essential to trading success, that he has not yet shared with us. Let’s go to him with one consolidated list of things that we need to be successful, that he has not yet given us (for free.) I’m not talking about 12 days of Xmas stuff, which tends to refine / update what he’s already given us. I’m saying what do we really need that we don’t have on youtube, BP, Livestream.

My own request list happens to be blank; I can’t think of anything esle I need. What I need to do, is a better job studying the videos that I already have. I’m sure everyone else who is complaining has all of his other videos outlined in notebooks already. Whether ICT has ever made an untrue staement, whether he’s trying or not trying, joking or not, I see market structure, fib extensions and retracements, power of three, the value of kill times, inverse relationships with the bond markets, and about twenty some odd other things on charts when I look at them, that I did not see there before, and they clearly affect the market.

This contest has no effect upon the validity of what we’ve been taught, for free, that others charge $x,xxx for, that ICT put considerable effort into making. Regardless of whether he lied or not. There is no fault that I’ve seen folks accuse ICT of having that I or anyone else don’t also have.

12% loss in under 24hrs sounds like a bad day for a scalper or a bot.

I just had a thought. He might be trading with scared money. This really could be money that should be in his family. What did he have to sacrifice or liquidate to come up with the other $3000?

I hope he’s not financially hurting his family in an attempt to appease anonymous faces.

Lets say we have all lied before at some point in our lives, does that make lying a right thing to do?

I think some of his material are very useful, but they are at best starting points, and cannot be used to trade successfully without knowing how to apply the concepts to the market.

I have personally benefited from watching his video on accumulation and distribution, which inspired me to create my profitable strategy that I am using now. It is all about learning how the market works and then taking it and applying it to trading.

ICT may have a great understanding of the mechanics of the market, but being a successful trader needs much more than that and I think he is beginning to realise it now. It is not as easy as he claims it to be.

Ok, I’m ready to throw in on this like everyone else. (i have watched some videos, but I am not a full-on cult member.:16:)
I think he did the thread as a joke/training tool to: 1) see how all the flamers would come after him and let them show their backside, 2) let his blind followers realize they need to learn and don’t just take the signals, and 3) teach those learning how to recognize a bad trade and why.

I think he took parts and pieces from threads of so many others that have come here and said the same thing that got beat up and went down in flames, and then implemented it for his thread.

So, after MG and others have flamed him for over 1,000 posts, it wasn’t until post #1305 and several others already saying it, that MG recognized that ICT isn’t even following his own rules. Check mark on #1.

Some of the followers are saying they took some of the trades and lost money. Check mark #2.

Several of the students are saying, that wasn’t a proper trade, that doesn’t fit. I would have done this, or that, or nothing. Check mark #3.

From here I will guess that he will go 1 of 2 ways. Explain why he did what he did and drop the thread. Or turn it around and build it like he said he would from the start.

My vote is that the thread is PURE GENIUS.

Wow. ICT must really have a huge amount of credibility to you for you to trust him like that…

Wow… print in red ha? Nice… Well, I prefer pink or purple. It is much cutter that way…lol.

I understand that you call yourself as a student of ICT as some of us here. I myself as well but then there are somethings that it real doesn’t work for me so I created my own strategy that I am comfortable with. Now, I am on my own and I am doing good so far.

I think the problem is you only rely on one person to show you “how to trade” but not really give yourself a time to really do your own homework , analysis, and your own judgment. No one here is forcing you to be a “loyal student”. You said you really want to learn how this business works but then you didn’t took the time to create your own strategy/system that works for you and become an independent. So now you feel duped. If you can create your own trading plan and just cheery pick the ICT tools that you are comfortable with then you should have been fine and you don’t feel the way you feel right now.

Relying into one person to teach you how to trade is a big mistakes (I think). To become successful in this field, you have to be an independent thinker, do your own research, and create your own system that works for you. This way, whatever ICT does or what not , it shouldn’t affect your trading at all. Do not rely on anybody else except yourself.

I hope I didn’t offend you. I am just answering your question and this is what I think.

Best of luck!

This thread is stinkin hilarious. As someone who has been following ICT for a while, this is not surprising in the least and frankly maybe even expected. I would call this a Judas Swing. And from the looks of it, there are a lot of suckers. For those who have been around a while. Reflect on what ICT has taught. For the others, put in the time to learn the system. That is the message here. The teachings are gold, unfortunately for most the foundation is patience. One shot, One kill.

I don’t get what ICT is doing at all. I have respect for the guy as he has put immense amount of time into creating educational videos and resources for the community. He has done tons of webinars explaining how he trades and answering peoples questions when they ask. I know I wouldn’t be doing that for free if I had the skills. He’s put in so much time in this so I don’t see him as a fluke or trader just now on a demo account.

As he says in his videos, his methods work. I’m sure plenty of people out there use them and they are working at least to a point as he has so many followers. Maybe they are all just new demo traders and they never actually end up making it but who knows. I know I can see the entries showing up on past charts and they work, the problem for me personally is picking the right ones. I feel that it will come with more time that I will improve on that.

That being said, I’m completely losing respect for him in this contest.
From his twitter: “Don’t follow my trades… You should be fearful to follow them by now. No more emails and comments. I’m not providing signals. Tough love ;)”

Really? Wasn’t the whole idea to have it open and public so we could all see your progress? I don’t see how being egotistical and saying that all these trades are “your” trades and yours only gets you anywhere. You make yourself look like a poor trader and a jerk at that. Someone else is going to take your trades and “ruin” them for you? no. It makes no difference if someone else follows them, all it does is hurt your account and image.

The first week acting as a “new trader”? Come on… If that’s true it should have been stated at the beginning prior to the contest, it makes no difference to your account whether it’s a secret or not. It seems each time you take a loss you come up with an other reason why that’s the case.

Last, you aren’t even following your own trading plan in regards to risk management. You clearly took over a 3% loss and DID NOT reduce your risk for the next trades as the next ones were both negative and one of those was a 3% loss. Quoted from trading plan: “If I experience a loss at 3% in one or a collection of losers, I must reduce my Risk to 1.5% max.”

Deviating from the plan is not a good indication of a professional trader.

Unless you’re trying to lose your following on here, since you’re trying to not be so big on here anymore, you’ve got to stop playing these games. Stop with the reasons why you lost, stop trying to throw people taking your trades off, stop disregarding your trading plan, and trade like the professional you say you are. We don’t care whether you win or lose trades, but clearly violating your own rules and playing psychological games with us is ridiculous and disrespectful to the people who have respect for you.