Inside Bar Momentum Strategy


Anyone plan on testing or has tested Robopip’s “Inside Bar Momentum” strategy ?(New Forex System: Inside Bar Momentum Strategy -

How has it been performing for you ?

HI @MrGoat,

Nice question, I have been a steady follower of @Robobips posts, and find a lot of merit in the strategy you’re taking a look at. I have backtested it on my broker data and I did get quite different results.

I still plan in working on it in the near future. But you really won’t have any answer as good as the one you find out for yourself. Backtesting the strategy won’t take you too long (you have to do this on your broker data as price feeds have a high tendency of impacting eventual results of such strategies as this one).

If you like what you see, then you can forward test it some more. In the end you will have a more definite answer for yourself than what anyone else here will be able to offer you.

Hope that helps? :slight_smile:

I am using this mechanical IB strategy for the last 3 weeks in D1 charts in demo trading in all 28 currency pairs. Results are excellent. Do you know of any EA for this strategy so that we can back test the strategy for several years?