Instacoin is garbage

There is this useless company that does crypto and these things. they are surly scam! there is no way they are anything but fraud. They do not give me my TXid for my transaction and they say they send that. I am sure they did not send that, the target wallet is my wallet and i check this everyday on explorers they did nit send anything and they are useless. NEVER USE INSTACOIN

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Oh no. :frowning: So sorry you had this experience. :confused: I checked out their reviews and it’s suspicious that they either have 5 stars or 1 stars. :open_mouth: So, very extreme. :cold_sweat: I hope you get your money back though! If you don’t mind mee asking, how did you find out about Instacoin? It’s also the first time I’m hearing about them. :open_mouth:


Oh, that’s always terribly suspicious! Makes me think the 5* ones are “planted” and the 1* ones are real.

A “forensic accountant” would immediately say “these can’t be honest figures, there’s no spread there”!

Are these instacoin people regulated, at all?


Yeah. :confused: I thought so too. :frowning: It’s interesting cause it seems like they are regulated in Bulgaria. :open_mouth:


There you go.

Bulgaria, Malta and Cyprus are the “very lightly regulated” European Union countries. All the rest are usually ok.

(Switzerland and UK are the best in Europe, for regulation, but neither of those is a European Union country anyway, of course.)


Thank you for sharing your experience and warning others to be cautious.


Sorry this happened to you, Vasil. Thanks for warning others.

For other people: “regulated in Bulgaria” is definitely a real RED flag warning. Understand that most financial companies involved with trading choose where they want to be regulated. :bulgaria:


I’m sorry to hear about your experience with InstaCoin. If they are failing to fulfill their promises and provide adequate support, it’s definitely a red flag. I hope they can still resolve this issue and thank you for spreading awareness!

What exactly was this company supposed to do for you? Were you buying crypto directly from them? Why not on an established exchange?

Oh! That sounds really frustrating! Have you tried reaching out to their customer support for a resolution or maybe escalating the issue?

I work with my broker and they offer bonus and promotion on crypto so i sreach for crypto providers and i just started my account. I was wrong to do it. I did get my money but very late all my trade hit sl and if they pay me at the right time i could get a lot of profit. i hate them with every cell in my body

i chat with support they give me the wallet address of my target instead of my txid and they say txid is internal and we do not tell you. the most stupid thing i did was trust them