InstaForex - worth or not?

I was suggested to try trading with InstaForex. Download already DEMO-Version. But I didn’t hear anything about this company. On it’s site I couldn’t find any info about it’s registration. Want to try live trading because they have 30 USD bonus, but before want to collect some info about the company. Who knows something, share your opinion…please:)

i trade with this broker already for 2 months. what i like more is that execution order time is just 1 second. and spreads are good for me.
regarding bonus. i’ve already got my bonus. but i just don’t understand why do they need a new account for getting it? :confused:

Thanks for reply, but what about this bonus…can I withdraw it or this is impossible and it is reserved?

Have you checked out our Brokers Guide: How to Choose a Forex Broker -

I would definitely check that out first so you know some of the right questions to ask yourself and your potential broker to see if they can meet your needs.

Thanks, very helpful.

"Does this broker credit or debit daily rollover interest? "
What does it mean? The existance of swap? Sorry I don’t really sure that understand it correctly…bad english knowledge.

I trade with them. but wait… do you ask yourself why they need the scan of ID for getting bonus? its smells kinda fishy :cool:

Any broker that has no reputation is simply not good enough to say it’s worth it. Until traders have experience the good and bad about them and share their experiences than we can confirmed how good it is.

Therefore i prefer to recommend fxcm, oanda, interbankfx, or dukascopy :slight_smile:

Actually I didn’t hear about that scan of ID card, but I think a Broker has a right to ask any info it wants, espacially when we speak about such bonuses. If you don’t like the terms for bonus receit you can refuse to receive it and don’t provide broker any documents.
But actually I want to know some other things, like order executions and withdrawal of funds…

Just a suggestion that I am sure it will be welcomed by many…

I think it would be interesting to include in the Brokers Guide what platform they use in each, for example if they use the popular MT4 or not. (or at least include “MT4” in the content box corresponding to “Platform Type”)


Yehh, they use MT4 and also they have many pairs (107 as i heard lst time). and also read in their news that sometimes late, but… they made MT4 for mobiles. I liked that. it is usefull for me. i cannot sit in fron of my montor all day. that’s kool.

i’ve already lost it :frowning: with my deposit.
and then they sent me about another bonuses USD200 and USD1000. Maybe i will be more lucky with 200?
and you cant withdraw

The Welcome Bonus can be withdrawn only after the deals on the currency pairs of the Major FOREX group are completed. The total volume of the deals must be not less than
F100 InstaForex lots (10 market lots) - for 30 USD bonus;
1000 InstaForex lots (100 market lots) � for 200 USD bonus;
3300 InstaForex lots (330 market lots) � for 1000 USD bonus.
The profit which was made on the Greeting bonus can be withdrawn without limits.

lots of brokers have terminals for mobile. for me bonuses are more interesting.

I’m with you! Think i’ll make my first deposit next week!

and i already recieved my 200 USD. :wink: don’t you know another brokers with bonuses?

to everybody: haven’t you seen?

New Year InstaForex Campaign

Internet-Broker InstaForex informs about the beginning of the New Year Campaign �Random prize 2009�, which takes place from 22 December, 2008 to 7 January, 2009.
All accounts can participate in the campaign if they meet the following terms:

  1. Trading account is opened not later than 00:00 22 December, 2008 (terminal time);
  2. Balance of the trading account must be not less than 2000 USD during the campaign period.

3 random prizes will be awarded:
1 prize � 1000 USD;
2 prize � 500 USD;
3 prize � 250 USD.

In case the winner of the prize is a referral of the partnership program participant, prize funds will be divided in half.

Checkout etoro for more bonuses.

TQ do they have thread on babypips?

I suppose Instaforex is worth it. They are much more credibl nowadays.