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I have have been looking at some news round ups and have seen mention of the commentators referring to the buying and selling habits of central banks, where do they track and see this information?

The banks have access to order flows, so they have that advantage that we do not.

Thank you for the response, I take it there is no additional market data we could subscribe to like Level 2 data on equities?

Not that I know of. It would be rare/impossible for that kind of data to be reliable, though, since Forex is decentralized.

Thanks for that

Depends of the trading instruments you use. There are a strong correlation between stock market and Forex market, but it depends of the currency. For example, if you analyse the TOPIX activities at every close, you can have a good indication of what will do the XXXJPY during the day.

Hi Mudar Interesting, could you give me an example of what you mean in regards to the TOPIX I think I have an idea of what you mean but i’m not 100%


If the OP was looking towards that route, oil commodities would have a particular influence on any CAD crosses.

I understand, thank you this barb

Every morning, depend of your location of course. Try to have a look of the chart of the TOPIX at market close. Most of the time the TOPIX trend is similar to XXXJPY for the day. Simple like that