Institutional candle - what is it?

Could anyone explain me what do traders mean when they say it´s “institutional candle”. I can’t find the specific explanation to this term.


I think its just someone using two words where one will do, to convince us they’re better educated. In forex at least all prices are moved by the institutions so every forex candle is institutional.

Lol an Institutional Candle is simply any last “up” or bullish candlestick before a down move (or vise versa) any “down” or bearish candlestick before an up move -K


Let me add to that - but its only my theory, ive never heard the term.

But the pros (institutions) are supposed to come into the market near the close, the dumb money at the open.

So the term could mean candles that show late buying (selling).

Thats purely a guess though

No idea whatsoever; I know it’s called institutional traders!

Hi, I have been looking for it but I can’t find information and I want to understand it

It’s a loose term - e.g. on cable 24th 10.30am gmt pmi on services and mfctring Uk was better than expected - so GBP rose some 30pips only to be sold very fast - the selling in line with a greater than 50% expectation of a rate cut this Thursday.

There are guys who say that the move down is Institutional - after being spoofed up :slight_smile:


okay guys even i couldn’t find what is an institutional candle for the first,
institutional candle is created by the banks or the institutions, and where market will come to retest the opening of the institutional candle…
that how banks or institutions create fake outs to hit all of your stop loss…
trading with the institutions or banks will only take 15 or less than 15 pips of stoploss and risk free
trust me you wont even need trend lines or any other indicators
and thats how all the pro traders make sniper entries