Institutional Investors Interested in Bitcoin

A gust of FOMO is passing among the institutional investors-says Goldman Sachs. Most of the asset managers are pumping funds towards crypto as they are in a fear of missing out on the best deals available in cryptocurrency exchange. The common notion of attraction is rivalry among the macro investors who are channelizing towards cryptocurrency to get the rewards that prevailing nowadays.

McDermott, Goldman’s global head of digital assets concern could be understood in two ways-

It is different from the corporate world because it depends on the board whether they seek the necessity for the kind of exposure required by the company or not.

Secondly, what sort of possibility would for the clients where the needs would match up with their demand, and what about the security of managing the assets?

These are the major concerns that put Goldman in a dilemma whether to nod head for cryptocurrency or hold for a while till a clear picture comes to the arena.

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Institutional investors were interested that’s why price went to the moon. Retail traders like us do not have the ability to take the price to that level. Once they started taking profit, price fell sharply.

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