Insured funds?

I have a rather silly question. Let’s say I put $5k in an account and manage to trade it to $5.5K and then another SNB type event happens, and my funds are wiped out plus I now owe the broker $2k.
Can a person get insurance for this type of thing?

I only want funds insured for loss caused by some black swan type event. Not bad trading. How do I go about this?
Oh and I must mention. All trades have stops, but say for example it was like the SNB bomb that caused illiquidity and no stops were honoured.

Check with your broker, since the SNB some brokers now guarantee that you will never go negative

Is there anything I can do about the $5.5k. Or is that just the way the cookie crumbles?

You should talk to your broker, most of the brokers have negative balance protection, which means they will not let you to go below your account balance. Even some event happen and your account goes into negative balance they will reset it back to zero.