Interest rates hints

IBD says that USA Fed’s Lacker is leaving after this month. I heard he voted this month also to raise rates. Maybe without his votes, Bernanke will be more free to lower interest rates, though IBD reports that the Fed wants 1-2% interest rates per year, though inflation rates are lower by 2.14% Bush average vs >2.5% average in the Clinton years.
As for Japan, I would have sworn that I saw one of the Japanese bankers say that their equivalent to the Fed doesn’t have the guts to raise rates, at least not for December. I also saw comments that Australia may raise rates more. My Vegas’ odds for AUD/EUR/GBP will continue to beat the crap out of the yen over the next four months. What are the yen’s lows against the above pairs?
I sense that trading against the yen will be like being on a bungee cord, if you don’t exit well, there will be guillotines waiting for cutting off arms and legs once the bungee cord snaps.