I think there is somethng quite Sinister about the whole idea ! :thinking:

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In what way “sinister”? That we put the wrong hand up in class? Should we be put up against a wall and shot for being “different”? Or dunked in the village pond for practising witchcraft as in olden times? or just forced to write with the “right” hand in spite of our natural tendencies? :joy:

Nowadays it is the “in” thing to be a minority and those in the majority that point a finger are swiftly reminded that their other three fingers are actually pointing at themselves! :joy:

But we can now conclude from this huge and comprehensive survey poll that over 20% of all traders are actually left-handed - that is twice the global average of around 10%. But the next question is are these 20% the same 20% that ESMA brokers state lose money from trading! :joy::joy::joy:

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I think falstaff meant that left handers are a hoax

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Btw im a right hander but a left footer

Does that mean something? Am i queer? :exploding_head:

Well if you’re cricket fan, they used to say that Ted “Dexter” was a left -hander - but was one of those forced to “comply” and therefore changed his name to “Dexter” to remind himself :wink:

As far as “sinister” is concerned -

"… Is sinister unfair to the left-handed?

Sinister has an etymology that might seem a bit biased against the left-handed portion of the population, as this word, which has had naught but disagreeable meanings for over five hundred years now, comes from a Latin word of the same spelling that means “on the left side.” We find this root in other English words, such as the adjective sinistral (“left-handed”) and the adverb sinistrad (“toward the left side”). To make things even more unfair, the Latin word dexter (“on the right side”) has given rise to English words with largely positive meanings, such as dexterity and ambidextrous…"

Just a wee attempt at humour mate ! :wink:

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I would just suggest a little more unique than the average guy :+1:

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I read somewhere they used to think that being left-handed meant you were under an “evil influence.” Isn’t that crazy! People treated you differently just based on your dominant hand. :flushed:

Thankfully, nowadays I think it’s considered kinda cool.

Happy left-handers day!

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Thank you! From the crazy evil Manxx! :scream::imp::poop::sunglasses:

In Medieval Europe, anyone crazy was considered “touched by God” and actually very properly cared after, because of it.

Same line of thoughts I guess, except one was considered evil and the other, Godly…


I think the only thing LEFT to say in the words of Rodney… “Can’t we all just get along?” or perhaps Monty Python did a better job…

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Wow. What i have missed during my beauty sleep! :smile:

I had a look at some views of early Ford Model Ts to see what side the steering wheel is on, just out of curiosity, and came across this article. Some quite interesting claims regarding the considerations and development of which side of the road.

Logically speaking, since the vast majority of people are right handed then it would seem most natural that the right hand is used for the most sensitive work such as holding the reins or the steering wheel whilst the left does the other rough work like hand brakes and gear levers. When these levers were outside the vehicle and on the left then it made sense that the driver is also on the left but once these items were inside the vehicle then it was more practical for the driver to sit on the right.

Also, logically, i would have expected jousting horses to pass/drive on the right because the shield is in the left hand and would most sensibly be towards the opponent and not away from? :upside_down_face::thinking:

But anyway apparently kangaroos are actually predominantly left-handed… But i am not sure on which side they pass each other! :grin:

But it is now the 14th and our special day is over and we can go back to our struggles with which way to string a guitar, etc.

Thanks to all for the enthusiastic and enlightening input here! :+1:

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PS after writing the above i have just noticed that most posts have been moved by the mods to a new thread!

I did not ask for that nor do i agree with it, but that’s the way the mods apparently wanted it (and all while i was happily in the never never land enjoying my beauty sleep)

I would have hoped that posters who are designated “Regulars” and are trusted with other rights would also be allowed to decide what is on and off topic on their own threads…

They probably pass each other by jumping above and below :slight_smile:

Ahaa! so that’s the origin of the motorway flyovers - but let’s not get into trafiic issues again! :joy:

He!He! I am sure it is :sweat_smile:

Very good one :smile:

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I’m hesitant to post this here - but thought I just HAD to !


Now which bit of what brain does what for her - I cannot begin to advise

But I reckon SHE might make a “bit of a trader” (Scalper I’d think )

Had a girlfriend that was left-handed. Always weird to watch her trying to open cans.

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What do you mean “trying”! :joy:

Wow! Now that really is something else! :smiley:

If she was a trader I can’t think of anything more suitable than a hedging expert! :laughing:

I guess the brainwork is not so very different to simultaneous translating. It takes an awful lot of practice.

Thanks for the video! :+1: