Interview with trader Blayne Macauley


Aww she seems so nice! Thanks for sharing this interview!

Thanks @ponponwei , she is indeed! Did you like the interview? Could you relate to her experience of social media and trading?

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She’s very smart, and very nice. And she’s a profitable trader. It didn’t seem like she had much of a struggle becoming profitable in trading. That’s awesome for her.

I was with her, up until she said ¨we need more women¨ in trading. That’s when I rolled my eyes.

She said she’s been hurt over the past two months because some people on twitter don’t like her. In regard to that, she needs to toughen up her leather. She’s helping people by sharing her story, and she’s making money as a rookie in trading. Why would she worry what some knuckleheads on twitter think? Whatever.

I find it hard to respect people who appear to be good at something with seemingly little effort. She started trading during covid, which is quite recent and she has been doing well already? How can I not be jealous? But that’s my problem, not hers. I certainly wouldn’t bother ranting on twitter about it and questioning her trades, or accuse her of paper trading. How could that possibly help me? I’d rather use her story as motivation.

It’s a good interview. She seems very cool headed, which may explain why she’s advanced so well.

Thanks for the interview!!

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Thanks Dushimes. Yes, it was a good interview, very honest. I felt the pain because some of it, e.g. how lonely trading can be - many hours in front of unforgiving markets - may be difficult to explain to someone who has not been there. If you do not work in that industry, you often have only social media to connect with other people who trade financials. But then, you often find that people say things that can be very cutting and if you do not yet have unwavering belief in yourself - especially as a newer trader who does something else for a living - it is not easy to shrug them off, particularly when those comments come at a time when you have publicly shared a low moment such as a margin call or a large loss. Some people love to kick someone when they are down. I think what you say is truer when those commenting may be unknown to you, but if they are someone closer to you then those words will stick more and will not be so easy to shrug off.

We are all different, but in the end everyone will get hurt by someone somewhere, online as offline, and it is not easy having your shields up at all times or else we could never put trust in human relationships (where you need to let people into your life thus making yourself vulnerable to them). Many a Roman emperor was assassinated by people that were trusted and against whom they had not kept their defences up… So this is where online comments are most hurtful: when they are not from total strangers.


Right. This was a good point also. I can definitely relate to that. She said she has kept it rather private, but when people found out, they were rather supportive.

That’s certainly helpful. However, it’s a lot easier to tell people you’re trading when you’re profitable. It’s kinda like gambling is only a problem when you lose. People’s argument against you and your trading has no logic if you’re consistently profitable. Tell them to go kick rocks. Then again, that’s easier for men than for women. Females are generally more agreeable.

Well, that’s the rub, ain’t it? But she’s already profitable, new trader or not. If people don’t want to believe her, what does she have to gain by trying to convince them? Also, that’s easily fixed with a video of live trading.

Absolutely, but that’s the price you pay for entering the public space, isn’t it? You can’t expect everyone to be nice to you. That’s not how the world works. Besides, I’m sure she has more fans than haters. The haters will never be satisfied, why pay them any attention?

Nope, not easy. But you learn to navigate the world, and you learn when to let your guard down and when to raise it up high.

But you know what? No matter what ugly comments may bother her, all she has to do is go give her husband a hug or play with her kids for five seconds, and they will remind her what’s really important in life. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Again, great interview. She really seems like a nice person, and I’m happy for her that she’s doing well. Thanks!!

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Some interesting dynamics alluded to there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Maybe she’s new to social media, or at least sharing on social. I could see how people trolling you could put you in a bad place, but like you, who cares what these fools think (unless it’s legitimate criticism on something I can fix)… But like you said, use it as motivation. Keep doing what you’re doing. For yourself, not anybody else.

Good stuff @PipMeHappy!


More about the loneliness I suppose. Like you can have a ton of online friends but at the end of the day, it’ll still just be you by yourself.

Yeah definitely gutsy for someone to post their actual identitiy online and doing something finance-related… as a woman! I feel like it must be very hard for women to be taken seriously in spaces that are generally male-dominated like finance or gaming.