Intraday hint for volume w/o ECN?

I’ve watched the corresponding futures to the currencies I’ve traded…

I’ve watched NYSE TICK data.

I’ve watched open interest & trader sentiment reports. (SSI)

I’ve watched broad market & commodities…

Just curious what anyone else, w/o the luxury of an ECN watches to determine volume & validity of action.

PLEASE! :wink:

I watch price action. I’m always asking myself, “What is price doing?” Where is price going?"

Reversal patterns are my forte.

That’s my new favorite. Ditched my indicators, aside from the occasional glance.

However, intraday, I’m still jealous of all those ‘stock guys’ who can see volume & size which really seems like it helps to determine more of what’s ‘really going on.’

I’d like to be a better judge of the ‘pauses’ so to speak. Get a better feel whether continuation or reversal is more imminent.