IntraDay Trading Signals

I will be posting my Intraday and scalping Signals regularly.
The signals i will be sharing are based on my strategy.
Im not advising you to take the trades im sharing, if you do it’s on you.
However if the trades aligne with your analysis go ahead.

Im Selling EURUSD @ 1.0480

SL @ 1.0495

TP @ 1.0420

Let’s see how this pans out!

Hit’s TP
+3.5R Done for today.

Im Buying GBPUSD
@ 1.2145
SL @ 1.2123
TP @ 1.2220

GBP Official Bank Rate will be released in a minute so i may close the trade before that.

Closed the trade.

Im Selling EURUSD
@ 1.0455
SL @ 1.0475
TP @ 1.0380

Stoped out

Stoped out


Are you a full time trader?

Yes I am a full time trader.

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Stoped out

GBPUSD Short Trade

Closed the trade at BE.

EURUSD Short Trade

Thanks for the charts and your openness.

But it seems clear you are shorting when price has been rising. Which suggests you have not been buying on the said bullish up-legs. Maybe you would post something about how your strategy generates signals?

It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller, all that matters is being profitable.

stopped out, will enter again later.