Intro to Xtan911

Hi All,

I’m still a newbie but have some small general knowledge of charts and did some trades.
Did loss some small amount and won some small amount.

My main concern is that my trades aren’t consistent. I tried paper trading a few strategies with the rewind option in tradingview and was unable to be consistent.

I tried Forex a few years back. Then stopped for a time. Tried options for a few weeks. Options aren’t for me.

So tried to find out what works/clicks for me.
Along the way I learned something about candle charts, risk management, etc.

I hope to get more in-dept knowledge of Forex trading and risk management. Learn how to be consistent (likely this is more practice then reading).

My goal is of course to be filthy rich and drive lambo’s and have multiple mansions :stuck_out_tongue:

No my goal would be to earn a little extra so that I can have some extra free time to do more things like hiking in the woods for example.

I hope to learn a lot and meet some nice people around here.


ps. I’m from the Netherlands


But yeah, I like that you’re realistic about your goals. But I’d say I’d even be extra conservative with that lol. I make enough to buy a latte each week how’s that for realistic hahaha. Then again I don’t have thousands of dollars in my account. :))

Love the rewind feature on TradingView, need to play with that more.

Hope to see more of you here!

I’m not trying to make that from the get go but eventually I want to achieve that goal.

I have some saving that I could miss but want to be confident enough that the investment any money in day / swing trading Forex is a good option.

TradingView rewind feature opened my eye’s that I was just lucky a few times instead of being consistent.

Are you just started out trading?

The most important thing is to be consistent in trading.