Intro - why am I here

forex was introduced to me about a month ago, but I wasn’t interested in being apart of iML academy. babypips, do ya thing. teach ya girl how to become a successful trader WITHOUT A TEAM.

Welcome. Is that the $274.95 / month academy?
The course here is okay. I also suggest you look at the Trading Insights and Market Analysis - section ,too.
All the best!

Welcome here, I am happy to hear that you are interested in forex trading and you are here to learn Forex. So you can get help to learn forex here: Learn How to Trade the Markets

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yes, it is and thank you!

Hi Tipjhane! BabyPips is the best place where you can learn a lot about trading. All the best!

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Well, I think BabyPips is the best place for anyone to learn and become a successful trader. There are so many experienced traders to guide you.

It is nice to see that you are interested in forex. You can start with learning and collecting any information you can. Taking courses will also help you a lot. You can learn a lot at this platform.