Introduce myself - Vincent

Hi everyone, please let me introduce myself.
My name is Vincent and I trade forex for more than 5 years.
I want to share my performance thoughts on trades and progress on Zulutrade.
Best regards,

Welcome Vincent to our online community of discussing zulutrade of how to follow and progress - both traders and followers :wink:
so how do you think we shall be following you?
with small accounts lets say 500-1000 bucks on 1:100 leverage, for example…

Hi Eddy, thanks for your message.
You can follow me with just 250 usd (1:100) lot size 0.01 (micro)
You just accept to open max position 10 and provid drawdown 2000 pips.
Have a good day,

Frankly I am not sure that I will be able to follow you with that much - meaning a dd of 2000 pips and 10 trades seems a bit too risky for my taste but it doesn’t matter I can meet you half way - like with 3-5 trades :wink:

my name is nancykim and i want to my little contribute in this awesome community. Hope you all my fellows participated here in a good way and learn a lot. I have seen some discussion of my senior friends who define great.

well welcome Nancy!!
How are you trading exactly? are you on zulutrade as well?