Introduce myself

hey y’all! im , living in south-america , the reason im here is because i want to learn and know more about forex market and crypto. i wish to learn achieve and improve.

Hey @BabyFaceBadman
It’s good that you are focused on educating yourself. You’re in a good place. Ask your questions and people here will help you out.

That is a good mind-set my man. I’ve seen people coming here asking questions like how they can start faster, how they can become more profitable faster, but you’re looking for learning. That’s good.

Hello! It’s fantastic that you want to learn more about the FX market and cryptocurrency. Both of these topics have the potential to be fascinating and profitable.

Hello and welcome to the community! Remember that it’s going to be a long journey. Take your time learning and getting the required skills to be a profitable trader. Good luck!

Welcome! You’re in the right place to learn about the forex market and crypto. Have you checked the education section here?