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To understand forex trading in order to make money at a young age

Get off your butt and learn how, by pressing the green education button above. Be prepared to work hard at it if you want to make money. As 90% of newbies fail, the odds are against you until you become proficient.
best of luck.

Hello and welcome to the community, you are in the right place for learning. Remember it takes time to learn the art of trading. Have patience and keep learning.

Be ready to churn your mind for a few months at least if you do want to earn well at a young age. Nothing comes easy, and so does forex. Start with the Pipsology school and know what you’re trying to enroll yourself for.

If you’re thinking of making money at an early age through forex, you really need to think twice. This is one trade where theories won’t work and there aren’t any set formulas. The market changes every day and it’ll be your skills to survive. Of course that’s gonna take some time developing too.