Introduce Myself

Hello, my name is George im a 19 year old college student who’s been trading for about 8 or nine months as of now overall my acct is negative about 1000 but I’ve been learning a lot along the process and i refuse to give up recently i started taking much more notes and just taking trading a little more seriously because this is actually something i want to do. I’ve heard about babypips but i never decided to take advantage of it until now. The only question i have is do you guys suggest i purchase a course because I’ve been thinking about it but im not sure if the course ive been planning to get will be useful or if studying the free things could possibly be enough to get me the education i need. The course i was planning to buy was The swag academy

No, don’t ever buy a course. It’s free on this site and on this -

Welcome to the community, George. I suggest that you check out the education section here first. If after going through that you still feel that it isn’t enough then you can look for other resources. It’s always better to take advantage of the free stuff first. maybe you can use your money to fund your account when you starting with a live account.