Introduce Myself

Hi my name is Jayden from Malaysia, I recently just to get in touch with forex due to the pandemic cause by the COVID makes me understand the importance of second source of income. While forex is quite a dangerous market for a beginner like me, I would like to give all my best in studying the knowledge and tips in doing trading, I sincerely hope that members in this community would give me a hand in guiding me towards success in trading and I would give my best in return to the new other beginners that will coming to join us in the future. Let’s make the trading world more fun and help those in needs!!! Love ya all :kissing_heart:

Also, understand the importance of a second source of losses, which do not occur with your day job. As you rightly intimated, FX trading is highly speculative and a high risk for newbies who overtrade and gamble.

Pratice your educational learning on a demo account until you’re comfortable to go live. Which is a completely different emotional challenge, and where most traders fail to control and manage. You must keep risk exposure small and protect your account all the time.

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Aww… Thank you Steve, that was so nice of you… Yes you did mentioned the Main Point and that is 80% of the failure within the traders are mostly emotional control, making them looks more like gambling rather than trading. And that is the main reason how they keep bursting their account. I wish I could learn more from you seniors by giving me this kind of useful advice or taking note which part is more important for newbie like us. Hopefully Steve you may leave us a note of some thread in babypips that really suitable for us. Much appreciated when you do that :pray: :pray: :pray: Once again, thank you and I will take your advice very seriously

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